5000 MW electric power generation capacity will be added to the total installed electric power capacity of the country annually

The Ministry of energy of Iran will continue its development plan seriously will continue its development plan seriously and up to 5000 MW of new capacity will become operational annually.
According to the news site of Tavanir, Eng. Majid Namjoo the Minister of energy of Iran announcing the news said: plans have been set for development of Gotvand, Karoon(4) power plant as well as siah-Bisheh power plant to become operational gradually and people can be benefited from the facilities so available to them.
He also pointed out that, the Ministry of energy has provided the infrastructures needed for utilization of nuclear power plant as well as 2000 MW electric power harvested from new sources of energies.
Eng. Namjoo referring to the 44 principle of the constitutional law of I.R.Iran said: the Ministry of energy has planned to release power plants to the private sector and at the present the agreements for construction of 8 power plants have been signed on which the private sector will invest and needed currency will be supplied through national foreign currency reserve.
He also added that development of needed infrastructures through release of distributioin companies and attracting public participation in raising need funds were a great help in materialization of our objectives.
Regarding the reorientation of subsidies toward more needy portion of the society Eng. Namjoo also said that : increase of energy efficiency of
power plants from 38 percent up to 45 percent is a crucial task which has been foreseen in the above stated plan for subsidies and we hope to achieve to the goal set for the Ministry of energy of Iran relying on cooperation of our managers and experts.

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