The capacity of solar thermal power plant of shiraz is to be increased by 100%

The Managing Director of Renewable energy organization of Iran "SUNA" announced that, the capacity of shiraz solar Thermal power plant will be increased by 100%.
According to our correspondent, Eng Yousof  Armoodly stated that: while shiraz solar thermal power plant as a pilot power plant of this type is under construction with 250 KW capacity but, Iran organization for new sources of energy intend to increase its capacity up to 500 KW.
He said: this power plant is the first linear parabolic solar thermal power plant in Iran which is designed and is constructed by Iranian experts.
He referring to the fact that up to now more than 6000 mirror with m2 area
have been installed in this power plant,  added that, following the utilization of solar energy for electric power generation during the day and using fossil fuel for electricity generation in the night this the first time that such a mix of fuel is experienced in solar thermal power plant of Shiraz.
Armoodly stating that the steam cycle of this power plant had to be completed in the Fourth Development plan, has explicitly stated that the steam generation in this power plant has started but due to financial problem the construction of steam turbine has been transferred to the fifth Development plan.
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