The second unit of gas turbine of Yazd solar- thermal combined cycle power plant has been synchronized with the National Grid

With the dedicated task of personnel of Yazd solar -thermal combined cycle

power plant, the second unit of gas turbine has been synchronized with the national grid.
According to our correspondent, this power plant is the only power plant of the country which utilizes fossile fuels and new sources of energy simulataneously, and comprises of two units of gas turbine each with 159 MW capacity, one steam unit with 143 MW capacity together with a solar thermal unit with 17 MW capacity.
This power plant by type is unique in Iran because for the first time a combination of solar- thermal power plant and gas turbine is taking place in Iran. According to this report, upon completion of this project the total capacity of this power plant will reach to 478 MW .
This report also adds that, this power plant is the first combined cycle power plant in Iran that the construction works of steam and gas cycle have been constructed simultaneously.
The main objectives which are followed by this type of projects, may be listed as : Transfer of technology of solar -thermal power plant, paving the ground for utilization of clean energies, optimal use of fossile fuels, increase of efficiency of power plant, reduction of emission of pollutants and environment protection, increase of power generation capacity of the region and creation of Job opportunities.


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